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Two years ago I ventured into the world of online blogging with a good friend. We decided to draw on our passions, which meant writing about travel, photography, interiors and food all over the world.

Our travels have taken us far and wide and we’ve produced content from major cities like Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dubai, Lisbon, LA and of course London. The blog is an eclectic mix of hotel reviews, photo-walk guides, food reviews and travel itineraries – at best a glimpse into our crazy creative lives.

We’ve worked with an array of hotel and restaurant brands in both the UK and abroad who have been featured on the blog but we’d love to hear how we can help you! Please don’t hesitate to check out the blog at www.patchesandflash.com or contact us at hello@patchesandflash.co.uk if you think we can help!

Brands we’ve worked with:

  • Browns Central Hotel (Lisbon)
  • Miss’Opo (Porto)
  • House of Peroni (London)
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